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Rubber-Cal’s Outdoor Rubber Mats on Extra Yardage


Setting up the perfect backyard can be difficult. When you have an acre-long plot for a backyard the way Anthony and Maddy do, it can be a doubly daunting task. Luckily for them, Extra Yardage host Billy Derian is here to help them out in making the most of their backyard. Rubber-Cal is proud to have partnered with Extra Yardage and provided the outdoor rubber mats seen on the show. Anthony and Maddy need good flooring for their barn project. For the purposes of flooring, rubber tiles are perfect for this task because they are tough and resilient to heavy weight while providing comfort to the feet. Billy chose to use our rubber interlocking flooring tiles for a quick and easy installation.

A key element in making their backyard look like a million bucks is the barn. Anthony and Maddy have a large farmer’s barn that they use as a kennel for their two dogs and as a garage for Anthony’s motorcycles. Billy wants to renovate the barn completely and luckily for them, he knows exactly how to do it. Luckily for Billy, Rubber-Cal’s outdoor rubber mats will help him realize that goal.

The first phase of the project was to renovate the kennel, or the “condo”, for the two dogs. The flooring in the dog condo was nothing but dirt. This would mean a lot of dirt being kicked around and brought to their house. Billy fixed the problem by deciding to use rubber garden matting. For outdoor garden flooring, rubber tiles are great because they protect the base surface while preventing dirt and other irritants from spreading around the area. Rubber garden matting is ideal for outdoor kennels because it is dog-friendly. The rubber is tough and durable enough to withstand the constant tread of doggy paws and is waterproof, making the task of cleaning the kennel an easier process. The best thing about these outdoor rubber mats is that they interlock with one another. Our rubber interlocking flooring comes with connecting pins that makes the installation process fast and easy. Simply put the pins into the pre-drilled holes in the tiles and connect them to each other.

When it comes to the ideal rubber flooring for garages, interlocking tiles are again the best choice for the job. The garage that Anthony originally had was little more than a makeshift shack where he stored his vehicles. Billy wants to change that. Anthony’s garage will get a radical makeover and be converted into a proper mechanical garage. It is always a good idea to have rubber flooring for garages. Just as with the kennel flooring, rubber tiles in a garage will protect the base surface from the heavy weight of the motorcycles and mechanical equipment. The fact that these tiles are waterproof also makes them ideal as rubber flooring for garages. Anthony won’t have a hard time keeping his garage clean.

One prominent difference between the outdoor rubber mats used in the dog condo and the garage is the color of the tiles. This difference is purely aesthetic. They are the exact same type of rubber interlocking flooring in terms of function. Depending on your application needs for flooring, rubber tiles come in a variety of colors. The reason why the rubber garden matting seen in the dog condo is green is because Billy wanted to simulate the look of grass in the kennel. However, Billy was going for a more classic auto shop look for the motorcycle garage. The tiles were the same outdoor rubber mats used in the kennel, but with red and black colors. Whether you are setting up a garage, a kennel, a bar, or anything else, Rubber-Cal offers rubber interlocking flooring tiles in a variety of colors to suit your aesthetic needs.

Rubber interlocking flooring tiles make for a great DIY project. Even though the episode had a bunch of people installing the tiles, it can just as easily be a solo job. It is simply a matter of putting in the pins and lining the mats up with each other.

At the end of the day, the entire backyard is completely renovated. The barn is gorgeously unrecognizable. The entire barn has been painted red in order to give it the classic farmer’s barn look. Inside, the outdoor rubber mats installed by Billy and the crew give the barn a comfortable yet professional feel. In this episode, Billy proved that when you need good outdoor flooring, rubber tiles are the best bet. Anthony and Maddy’s satisfaction is proof enough that Rubber-Cal’s outdoor rubber mats are the best solution for any flooring job. Please visit our website for more information about our line of outdoor flooring. If you have any questions, please give us a call and one of our flooring specialists will be more than happy to assist you.