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Keep Kids Safe by Do It Yourself Playground Flooring in Play Areas!


DIY Network’s “Extra Yardage” focused this episode on building a backyard play set for adorable Emma to enjoy as she grew up. Like most children, Emma is an energetic child who loves to run around and play at the playground. Her parents decided to create a safe environment with her dream play set in her very own backyard but they had no idea where or how to begin building a safe play set. “Extra Yardage” stepped in to transform their backyard into a child’s paradise. Starting from the ground up, they decided upon rubber surfacing for a cushioned and safe playground surfacing. With a fall rating of up to 6 feet, they chose to use Rubber-Cal’s Eco-Sport tiles to ensure that there would be “no broken bones or bonked heads” on this playground. The tiles are also anti-slip due to rubber’s naturally high coefficient of friction, perfect for a surface with running toddlers racing about. Made from recycled rubbers and discarded tires, the tiles are also suited for outside applications because they are weather resistant, ozone resistant, and durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic.

As the “Extra Yardage” host explained, these tiles are also extremely easy to install. He instructed the parents to place the tile with the grid side down, place connector pins into the prefabricated holes, slide another tile to match up the receiving holes with the pins and use a rubber mallet to gently lock the tiles into place. As he summarized to the parents: “Pins, pad, mallet. Got it?” The interlocking rubber flooring tiles are dense enough to remain secure without extra adhesives as well. Without an expensive professional installer or adhesives, the price of these tiles was affordable and perfect for this application. The easy installation even left enough time for the crew to test out the playground before Emma had a chance to break it in.

By deciding upon the Eco Sport tiles, DIY Network’s “Extra Yardage” created a safe and durable playground surfacing that could last long enough for Emma to want to take down the play set and keep the tiles for a dance floor! With another successful DIY project underway, Emma loved her new play set and her backyard was definitely the envy of every child in the neighborhood. While Emma can have fun, her parents could rest assured that she and her friends can also stay safe on their play set.