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Do It Yourself Gym Flooring to Protect Equipment, Floors and You!

In one of the most tragic mass shootings, U.S. Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire upon both military personnel and civilians at a busy Soldier Readiness Processing Center of Fort Hood, Texas. Staff Sgt. Patrick Zeigler was shot four times by Hasan, one time to the right side of his head. With 20% of his brain and skull bone removed, his survival is a medical miracle. Upon hearing of his amazing determination and inspirational story, Rubber-Cal and ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition decided to surprise him and his fiancée Jessica with a complete renovation of their Fort Hood home, starting with a brand new home gym to help him with his intensive physical therapy. We installed a do it yourself gym rubber flooring to lay down the foundation of his physical therapy room. The thick workout mats provided a safe place for him to heal more each day.

For home gym flooring, rubber flooring is far more durable than hardwood or carpet surfaces. This is one of the reasons “Do It Yourself Gym Installers” revert to rubber mats and floorings. Rubber flooring is also safer due to its anti-slip properties, this being a concern during training sessions. Rubber naturally has a high coefficient of friction making it excellent for traction and grip. This extra safe anti-slip property made rubber ideal for Patrick’s physical therapy room. When deciding which fitness room rubber flooring would be most effective, we chose our products called “Recycled Rubber Flooring” for this project. With the ability to use a roll of rubber matting that can be cut to length, we constructed a seamless surface to cover the entire room. For large workout mats, rolls of rubber are most cost effective because they can be cut to length by consecutive feet up to 50 feet.

With customizable lengths, you can save money by not spending extra on unnecessary and excessive material. Recycled Rubber Flooring is also made from 100% recycled rubber tires. When tires are recycled they are ground up into tire crumb, which is reused for different products such as fitness room rubber flooring. Not only is this process ecofriendly, but it also lends the durability and impact protective properties of car tires to rubber flooring. Recycled Rubber Flooring is able to withstand most elements and weathering better than hardwood, ceramic, and carpet flooring. It is also extremely easy to clean as any liquids or debris rest on top of the mats. You just need a damp mop or broom to sweep up any mess. When using weights or cycling on exercise bikes, a large amount of the shock and vibration from the equipment is absorbed into the mat to avoid any damage to floors beneath, as well as your exercise equipment. By using Recycled Rubber Flooring, we were able to place Patrick and Jessica’s bikes next to each other on the mats so they could exercise together every day.

To install customized fitness room rubber flooring, all you need is a tape measure, a straightedge, a sharp utility knife, and a roll of double sided tape. Simply unrolling the roll of rubber matting onto the area desired. Although Recycled Rubber Flooring rolls are large workout mats, cutting away the extra materials can be done in two easy steps! To fit the rubber to the size of the area, line up a straightedge onto the rubber to ensure a straight cut. Then grab your utility knife to carefully trim away any excess rubber. Recycled Rubber Flooring is available in two sizes of 1/4 inch, and 3/8 inch thick. With thick workout mats, no heavy duty adhesive is necessary. Just use standard double sided tape around each edge of the mat and area to secure the rubber surface to the room. After all the edges are trimmed and secured, you have completed your own do it yourself gym flooring project!

Fitness room rubber flooring is ideal for home gyms because they are extremely durable and easy to care for. The anti-slip properties of the thick workout mats are perfect for Patrick and Jessica’s safe intensive physical therapy room. With mats also able to withstand weathering, the Zeiglers can use their rubber flooring day after day without worrying about wearing the rubber out. For a do it yourself gym flooring project, Recycled Rubber Flooring is the perfect rubber flooring to protect yourself, your equipment, and your budget.