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“Run My Renovation” with Recycled Rubber Tiles


If you are working on an outdoors project that needs flooring, Rubber-Cal’s recycled rubber tiles are the perfect option for any situation. In this episode of the hit TV series “Run My Renovation”, the show’s hosts and renovation crew, John and Joanie, are going to help Tim and Sharon renovate their backyard into something that they will be proud to entertain their many guests in. The backyard has a pool, but the rest of the area is plain concrete. To enhance the appeal of the backyard, they are setting up a bar and grill furnished with outdoor rubber flooring tiles. The recycled tire tiles used in the episode are great for a indoor or outdoor use, and for the more environmentally minded they are the perfect eco-friendly rubber flooring option. John and Joanie are going to demonstrate one such application for them.

As John points out, the recycled rubber tiles used in the show are eco-friendly rubber flooring. They are made from recycled tires and are very durable. They can endure a lot of weight and foot traffic while providing protection for the base surfacing of the area. Surfacing needs protection in situations like this because heavy equipment can damage the floor underneath it. In this case, the crew was putting in a pavilion with a grill, countertop, and seating. Having outside rubber matting protects the natural surfacing of the area. While this material is tough, it is forgiving enough on the feet to provide comfort.

The recycled tire tiles featured in the show come in different colors: terra cotta (red), charcoal (black), and brown. Keep in mind that these are only aesthetic differences. If you are setting up a garage, you might want a classic red and black checkered look. Or if you are looking to renovate a dog kennel with proper rubber floors, you may want to use green tiles to simulate the effect of natural grass. Regardless of color, the outdoor rubber flooring tiles all possess the same functional and eco-friendly qualities.

Although they do not show it in the video, the actual process of installing the recycled rubber tiles is very simple. They come with built-in holes on their sides and special connecting pins. The pins go into the built-in holes and connect the recycled tire tiles together. The process is so easy that it makes for a great DIY project. For added aesthetic appeal, you can mix and match different colors of tiles to create the desired checkerboard effect. As Sharon pointed out in the show, she would have loved for her outside rubber matting to consist of the black and red tiles. Unfortunately for Sharon, the point of the show is that the audience gets to pick the outside rubber matting that will go into their project.

In one part of the video, you will see one of the outdoor rubber flooring tiles being cut to fit around a pillar. It is true that recycled tire tiles are tough, but they are not impossible to cut. Depending on the needs of your project, you may have to cut a tile in order to make it fit around an area, as demonstrated on the show. In order to cut a tile, use a utility knife. Be sure to keep extra blades for the knife on hand because the material tends to be tough and can wear down the sharpness of a blade. Use a straightedge ruler to ensure a clean and straight cut.

At the end of the project, the pavilion that John and Joanie set up for Tim and Sharon is beautifully furnished with red recycled rubber tiles. The outside rubber matting looks great in combination with the pavilion as a whole. It is complete with a bar counter, grill, and seating for the guests. Thanks to the comfortable eco-friendly rubber flooring in place, Tim and Sharon can entertain and impress their guests in style and comfort. Both feet and the base surfacing of the area are protected. It is truly a job well done.

Rubber-Cal is proud to have partnered with “Run My Renovation.” Our line of outdoor rubber flooring tiles proved to be perfect for any outdoor project you may have lined up. If you have any questions about recycled rubber tiles or outside rubber matting in general, please visit our website. Also be sure to call in case you have any questions. Our knowledgeable and friendly flooring experts will help you in all your flooring needs.