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DIY Home Gym Floors - Seaming Rubber Exercise Mats


In this how-to video, the Rubber-Cal crew demonstrates the process of seaming two rubber exercise mats together. Every fitness center requires flooring protectors. If the fitness center is in your home and it can have DIY Home Gym Floors, then, both costs and installation efforts will be minimized. The heavy equipment present in gyms and the constant treading of feet can damage surfaces. Rubber is perfect for protection because it is tough, eco-friendly, and can be re-used. Rubber matting for gyms is essential in order to protect the base surfacing of your fitness center.

Before you begin installing and seaming the rubber exercise mats in your gym, you will need to have gathered the proper items for the task. You will need protective gloves, kneepads, a broom, chalk, a T-square, a utility knife with extra blades, and double-sided tape. These items are essential in any kind of flooring installation. Out of all the items listed, the utility knife and the T-square are the most important for seaming. Also, please keep in mind that the team members in the video are professionals who have been doing tasks like this for a long time. They may not be wearing their protective gloves, but it is highly recommended that you do. When installing your DIY Home Gym Floors, use you workout gloves if are protective!

Use the double-sided tape to map out and plan where you want to place the fitness matting. The bottom side of the tape should stick to the ground but leave the covering on the top side of the tape alone. You will be taking off the covering later when you are sure that the rubber exercise mats are in the proper locations. While laying out the gym flooring rolls, you may find that a roll does not reach the length required. This is a very easy fix. Now the process of seaming the flooring protectors will begin.

Seaming is the process of attaching two separate rolls of rubber together. This professional technique will give your gym a smooth and professional look. It is all about a flawless transition from one roll of fitness matting to the next. More importantly, it prevents uneven surfaces that can potentially be dangerous.

With the gym flooring rolls already laid out and attached to the ground with the double-sided sticky tape, overlap one end of a new flooring roll with the end of the one already attached to the surface. You will then need to measure up the line you want to cut with your T-square. Mark the line with chalk if needed. The cut on the fitness matting should be straight and even. Our rubber matting for gyms is made of recycled rubber, which makes the material easy to cut, though you will need to score the rolls a few times. You also need to apply the double-sided tape to the part of the mat that will be connecting with the bottom mat. Just make sure that you do not take off the cover to the adhesive side just yet.

You will find that you will need to make several cuts in order to get through the mat. This may wear down the blade in your utility knife, which is why we recommend having more blades on hand. Make sure you do not damage the subfloor, if it is of value. Blades are sharp and will cut everything in their way. Be sure to cut enough to leave a visible line on the roll of fitness matting below. Using the line on the bottom mat as a guide, cut off the unneeded portion of the mat. This cutting process is known as scoring.

The two rubber exercise mats should now evenly connect with each other. Now you can remove the cover to the adhesive side of the tape and press the mat down to make it stick to the surface. Double-check to make sure that the gym flooring rolls are nice and even on the ground and properly connecting to the adjoining roll. If you find that you have made a mistake, don’t worry. The flooring protectors are reusable and can easily be removed in order to place them in the correct spots.

Rubber-Cal provides the best rubber matting for gyms. Our flooring protectors are eco-friendly, resilient, and reusable. Fitness matting is required in order to prevent the actual surfacing of the gym from being damaged by heavy equipment and foot traffic. When they are installed and seamed together properly, the end result is professional and even, therefore preventing. Rubber-Cal carries the best line of DIY Home Gym Floors for all of your fitness center needs. For more information on our rubber exercise mats or fitness flooring in general, please visit our website. Also be sure to call one of our rubber flooring specialists to assist you with your flooring needs.