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DIY Home Gym Flooring


Every fitness room needs proper protective flooring. Rubber-Cal provides the best line of rubber exercise mats for any gym, whether it is a home gym room or a commercial fitness center. In this how-to video, our crew demonstrates just how easy it is to install DIY home gym flooring in your house.

The big benefit of having the proper workout flooring in place is that it provides much needed protection to the actual surfacing of your gym. Workout machines are very heavy and can damage surfaces. Wood in particular is very sensitive to the heavy weight of these machines. In addition to protection against machines, rubber exercise mats also protect against the constant treading of feet. Our rubber gym flooring can also be used on a variety of surfaces, such as wood, concrete, and linoleum.

Prior to installing the DIY home gym flooring, you will need to assemble essential tools to make the process easier. The items you will need are: a broom, protective gloves, kneepads, chalk, a utility knife with extra blades, double-sided tape, measuring tape, and a T-square. Once you have these items assembled, you are ready to begin installing the rubber gym flooring.

Before you do anything, put on your gloves and kneepads. This is a practical safety precaution. The gloves will protect your hands from the blade of the utility knife as well as any dirt or dust in the area. The kneepads are essential to this task because it involves a lot of kneeling. Put them on first so you don’t have to worry about them later. After you do that, take your broom and begin to clean away the subsurface of the gym. It is always good to do this before installing anything because it will clear the area of dirt and other particles. This ensures that the workout mats are laid down securely to the floor.

After that has been done, you will need to plot where the mats will go. Be sure to use your measuring tape to assist you in planning where to put your mats. Use the double-sided tape to mark where the gym equipment mats will go. Take your time in doing this process. It is important to lay out the protective flooring perfectly according to the needs of your room. The tape is meant to be a guideline for where the mats will go.

Roll out your mats to where they need to go. Make sure they align properly with the tape you laid out. The blue lines should be guiding where the mat unrolls. Once they have been laid out, you need to secure them to the subsurface. The double-sided tape borders under the rubber gym flooring will help secure the mats in place. Take out the top layer of the tape so that the mats will stick to the bottom layer. Make sure to press down hard on the gym mats to make sure that they are firm and solidly sticking in place. They have to be completely flat.

Depending on the specific layout of your fitness center, the rubber gym flooring may have to be cut. The utility knife will come into play here and is the perfect tool for cutting the rubber material of these mats. The rubber is tough and will not be cut with one stroke. You will need to carefully make several strokes in order to cut cleanly through the material. Make sure to use the T-square to help cut in a straight line. While cutting, you have to wear your protective gloves. No one enjoys getting cut open while doing a fun DIY project.

In the end, you will have successfully installed your new mats. Your fitness center will be ready to go with smooth and professional rubber flooring. It will be ready to handle the introduction of weight machines and treadmills. It will also be ready to resist the constant treading of feet. Rubber-Cal DIY home gym flooring is ideal for those who want function without sacrificing appearance. By the time your gym is finished, you will be itching to start your work out routine.

For more information about Rubber-Cal’s line of rubber exercise mats and other gym flooring, please visit our website. In addition, please be sure to call one of our flooring experts to help find the perfect rubber workout flooring for your fitness needs.