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For DIY Home Gym Floors, Think Rubber Flooring!


Have you ever wondered how amazing it would be to watch TV that you can actually hear while sweating it out on an elliptical? Maybe you wouldn’t feel so exhausted if you could concentrate on what Kim Kardashian was crying about this time. It would probably be nice to also avoid the snickers and judgment when you lift weights in a room full of buff college dudes. If only this gym haven existed. But wait! You can have all this and more! A home gym is not as unattainable as you may think. It is easy to turn your extra room, your garage, your basement, or even your covered patio into a fitness room. If cost is a factor, there are lots of firms selling used gym equipment. Used equipment that used to floor US commercial gyms are now being exported in droves to satiate the demands of the Asian market. That is if you do not get to these steppers and treadmills first! Also with cost effective and simple solutions like gym rubber flooring, a DIY home gym is affordable and definitely worth the trouble taken to create your own workout heaven.

The best home gym flooring must offer support for both yourself and your equipment. When a treadmill, elliptical, or bicycle is in use, the machine vibrates, which sends shock waves into the ground that are partially absorbed and sent back up to the source of impact. This will eventually damage your machines, shortening their lifespan. To avoid any severe damage, gym rubber flooring absorbs impact better than carpet, hardwood, tile, and concrete. Rubber possesses abrasive and impact protection. Designed to prevent damage to your joints and your machines, a rubber matting roll will enhance the lifespan of your home gym. Coin-Grip work out mats for home are especially created to provide traction, preventing any accidental falls or slips. The naturally high coefficient of friction found in rubber is great for gripping. The embossed coin or circle top texture, however, adds additional traction to rubber flooring. Rubber is also a softer surfacing than concrete or ceramic tile, helping to avoid serious injury in case of an unintentional fall.

The Coin-Grip rubber matting roll has been reformulated and been re-released in the 4th quarter of 2012. This product is now available in colors brown, black, and gray. This now 2mm thick product is ideal for any home or commercial gym. This product is now made with a mixture of resilient PVC and natural rubber. When turned into gym rubber flooring, the same durable and weather resistant qualities remain in the rubber floors. Better able to withstand weathering, these mats will last longer than a hardwood floor that can become scratched or a carpet that can become damaged and dirty. Coin-Grip rubber is also water-resistant and will not harbor mildew or mold, keeping your household hygienic and clean. Maintaining this rubber floor is extremely easy because you can simply sweep any dirt or debris off with a standard broom or damp mop. This particular type of rubber can be cleaned with common, moderate household cleaners as well.

In areas that extra protection from dropped weights is possible, thicker work out mats for home are available. Since installation is not needed, merely laying the rubber down and unrolling is all that is needed. Thicker and heavier rubber mats will stay down under their own weight. To fit the rubber into the area desired, just trim away excess rubber with a straightedge and utility knife to ensure straight, exact cuts. Rubber matting roll can also be cut to custom lengths up to their max continuous lengths. With customized lengths, you save money by avoiding extra material costs of purchasing the entire rubber matting roll.

Safe and cost effective, Coin-Grip rubber floors are perfect for a DIY home gym. With multi-directional coin embossed texture, Coin-Grip floors offer excellent traction as well as an aesthetic appeal to your home gym. The best home gym flooring, rubber matting will ensure that your home gym will remain a fitness nirvana for as long as possible.