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Looking to Buy Rubber Flooring for a Home Gym? Get Coin-Grip!

If you are like many home owners, you probably have some fitness equipment lying around the house that you have been meaning to use for quite some time. However, finding the perfect flooring option for your home gym can be difficult, time consuming, and very costly. It doesn’t have to be though! Rubber matting rolls like Rubber-Cal’s Coin-Grip are a great option for these home gym settings and will offer you the comfort and affordability that you are looking for. Whether you want individual workout equipment mats or an entire flooring option, Coin-Grip rubber studded flooring can offer you the flexibility to choose what is right for your home gym.

Coming in a gauge of 2mm, the Coin-Grip rubber rolls were tailored to meet the demands for a variety of home gyms. For some homeowners, having a spare room that they can designate entirely to a home gym is simply not an option. Therefore, separate mats for exercise equipment may be a more feasible alternative for an individual looking to easily set down their exercise equipment when in use, and store it away after. For temporary installations like this, Coin-Grip’s 2mm gauge is the perfect solution. This rubber studded flooring is a lightweight material that will offer the durability needed to support your workout equipment, while still being easy to maintain and store away when not in use. However, for the lucky homeowner who is looking to buy rubber flooring for their entire spare room, Coin-Grip can also offer you the ideal solution. For these permanent installations, Coin-Grip’s 2mm gauge is also recommended because of the option of adding adhesive to the bottom of this material. These rubber matting rolls allow for added durability for flooring that will receive constant usage and will be able to endure the beating that any gym flooring receives.

Another enticing feature of the Coin-Grip rubber flooring option is the excellent traction that it adds to any surface that it is placed on. Receiving its name from the unique coin-like design on the top of the matting, these raised surfaces allow for better traction in areas that could benefit from these safety precautions. Home gyms are no exception to accidents and it is always a good idea to buy rubber flooring that will reduce your risk of falling while handling any workout equipment. Taking a risk with other slippery surfaces is never a good choice, and Coin-Grip is certainly a great option for your flooring or workout equipment mats. The traction that this product offers is not only limited to the top surface of the Coin-Grip matting. Its textured base further enhances its anti-slip qualities by adding sub-surface friction to hold the mat in place even when there is no adhesive being used. This is a great quality to have when you are looking for mats for exercise equipment in which you plan to move around the house. They are easily placed anywhere and provide you with a floor surfacing that will help keep you and your equipment firm to the ground.

Aside from these added features, rubber has several natural characteristics that add to the traction provided from this product. Made from recycled and synthetic rubber, the Coin-Grip rubber matting rolls have a naturally high coefficient of friction to help avoid any slips and injury in the home gym area. Rubber also has a water-resistant surface which keeps out many liquids from entering the material and creating a slippery surface. With the amount of iron you will be pumping in your new home gym, sweat is bound to get on the floor and water bottles are likely to be dropped. So help keep your gym floors safe with the incomparable traction that is offered by the Coin-grip flooring. With your new found knowledge on the benefits of Coin-Grip rubber studded flooring, hopefully some of your worries have been eased about beginning your home gym renovations. Many homeowners looking to buy rubber flooring make hasty decisions on a flooring option and later discover it might not meet the demands of their temporary or permanent home gym. However, with rubber flooring like Coin-Grip, you can almost never go wrong. Whether you use it for workout equipment mats or entire gym flooring, it is sure to supply you with an excellent solution for your home gym needs!