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Building a Home Gym? Use Interlocking Rubber Flooring Tile


VH1’s “Money Hungry” experimented with the line between weight loss and risk taking. Registered as teams of two, each contestant pairing had to bet $10,000 of their own personal money to participate on the show in hopes that they would win the entire competition. As they say, sometimes you have to risk it to get the biscuit. In this high stakes competition, the final team received a cash prize of $100,000, as well as countless great memories from the show and a healthier lifestyle, to reward them for losing the weight and taking a risk on themselves in the first place.

Betting is always a risk, but to bet on yourself takes self-confidence that many contestants lacked. By choosing to jeopardize a considerable amount of money on themselves, each contestant took their first step towards a better life, resulting in everyone losing weight and benefitting from the first episode alone! With each passing episode, the contestants gained a better sense of self and a desire to continue improving their lives with the hope of getting both their entry fee back as well as the prize money.

To prepare for the show, VH1 teamed up with Rubber-Cal to lay the foundation for their gym, a fitness nirvana both hated and loved by contestants. Using Rubber-Cal’s Puzzle-Lock rubber flooring tiles, VH1 provided the contestants with a softer surface to help protect their joints from stress when working out, as well as an anti-slip mat to prevent any dangerous falls. Made from recycled passenger car tires, these floors were durable enough to resist the endless jumping jacks and tiring weight training that the contestants endured throughout the course of the show. Not only did they protect the contestants, the interlocking tiles also helped keep the machines safe from vibration waves that would damage the expensive machines over time.

With the usual switching of alliances and teams saving or ruining one another, VH1’s “Money Hungry” provided its audience with an entertaining 10 episodes that showcased the power of believing that you can do it. Losing over 20% of their total weight, the final team proved that when you set your mind to it, dramatic weight loss is possible through hard work and determination.