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Biggest Loser's Rubber Floor Installation


Rubber-Cal was proud to team up with “The Biggest Loser” and help surface their gym in the Season 6, 7, 8, and 9 ranch house! Using our most popular product, Elephant Bark rubber flooring rolls, as well as Eco-Sport rubber tiles, we resurfaced their plywood floors with more durable and resilient flooring. Rubber flooring is the ideal gym surface due to its cushioned surface that absorbs shock and impact. This helps to protect equipment from long term damage. The rolls are sold in widths of 48 inches, making it easier to cover large spaces for commercial and residential purposes.

As the video demonstrates, installation is an easy, mess-free DIY process. Simply unroll the material over the subsurface. For any corners or unique spaces, grab your standard utility knife and straightedge. Place the straightedge along the cut to ensure clean cuts. Your initial cut may not slice through the material; continue cleanly running the knife through the material for a straight cut. The material is dense enough to rest upon the subsurface flooring, but can also be more permanently installed with double sided tape.

In this video, our team chose to use DSPS, which is a five inch wide double sided tape that is fabric reinforced on one side, for a more aggressive and semi-permanent solution. To tape the material down, just line the edges with the double sided tape and press down in the area desired. The tape backing can be removed as the rubber is rolled out, making sure that the seams of the rubber align as well. The producers of “The Biggest Loser” chose to use this flooring option because these rolls and tiles are made from recycled American tires. This eco-friendly process alleviates the overwhelming amount of tires that are left in dumps with no purpose by transforming them into durable flooring. The products created from these tires inherit the properties that tires are designed for as well, such as weather resistance, abrasion resistance, and ozone resistance.

With such phenomenal qualities, this flooring is perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. “The Biggest Loser” producers wanted a floor that would be visually aesthetic for their show, as well as functional to protect their expensive equipment. Rubber-Cal’s Elephant Bark and Eco-Sport tiles were a mess-free and vibrant flooring choice that completed the look of their gym.