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Freight Trucks vs. The Best Rubber Floor Mats


When looking for a heavy duty mat to satisfy your commercial or industrial needs, it is essential to invest in a product that is durable. Durability combines two important qualities of a material that are well appreciated in the industry. The first component examines the materials ability to resist wear, while the other takes a look at how the material holds up over time. Rubber matting for floors is among one of the most durable materials for surfacing and has become commonly used for a variety of applications. A rubberized mat contains qualities that are tough enough to withstand the constant wear of the everyday while still enduring the test of time. Rubber floors are expected to act as a buffer between what is above them and what rests below them. Rubber is the protective layer keeping all sides in good condition. It is these assets of our heavy-duty rubber mats that make for the best rubber floor mats in the industrial setting and commercial area.

Although the video on this page takes a comedic spin to demonstrate how tough and durable these heavy duty mats are by placing them under the weight of the 20 ton “Blue Beast” truck, followed by the 40,000 lbs “Great White” truck, the overall idea is not too farfetched. The excellent resilient quality of a rubberized mat allow for them to be placed under extreme pressure without ruining the shape of the product. Formally known as tensile strength, this term is used in the industry to describe the amount of pressure that it would take to tear the material (typically measured in PSI). Many of these rubber materials can handle great amount of weight if heavy machinery were to be placed on top of this them, which has contributed to it being a popular commodity. To help strengthen the material even further, a majority of the products are composed of recycled materials. The most common recycled materials that are used come from discarded tires, among other rubber products, and have proven extremely effective in enhancing the durability of a product. With regards to the resistance to wear component of durability, using old car tires to form heavy-duty rubber mats has become the leading choice to withstand abrasive conditions. After years of traveling along the harsh pavements, these recycled materials are put to good use once again through their use in several applications.

Although having a tough, abrasive resistant material is a great start for any flooring product, you also want to make sure that your investment will last you. By choosing rubber matting for floors, there is not only the benefit of having a cost-effective option, but one that is sure to withstand the test of time. Rubber is a great option when looking to protect your floors or machinery from any unwanted damage that may occur over a prolonged period of time. With its resilient nature, it can handle either the constant foot traffic that are common to commercial settings or the heavy equipment seen in industrial factories. The option of having a heavy duty mat in different gauges is an added benefit of these products and contributes to their ability of being durable. With vibrations that are emitted by the heavy machinery, these setting can benefit from the great qualities of a rubberized mat. Not only will it offer the right amount of barrier between the ground and equipment, it has great natural surface friction that will add traction beneath to prevent them from moving around. With the flexibility of choosing the right amount of thickness for your particular application, these added layers of rubber material will help ensure that your floor will be protected well into the future.

Despite the endless flooring options that exist in the market today, the choice for a heavy-duty mat becomes clear when looking for a product that is durable. Durability in the commercial or industrial setting is of utmost importance, and to avoid costly repairs and constant replacements, many have turned to the attractive qualities of a rubberized mat. Offering great flexibility and an extensive variety of heavy duty rubber mats, the endless amount of products that are available has made it a highly sought after product. So next time you are looking for a solution that will resist wear and last you a long time, consider the best rubber floor mats!