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Best Home Gyms use Elephant Bark Roll Rubber Matting!


How many times have you gotten off work, driven home in heavy traffic, changed into gym clothes, and driven to the gym in even heavier traffic? Usually after driving all that way, the gym is completely packed with sweaty, territorial gym rats. Working out is hard enough! Why not create your own home gym paradise with cost-effective roll rubber matting for a more convenient work out space? With escalated gas prices and membership fees, a home gym saves time and money over the long run, not to mention the priceless comfort of exercising in a completely private area. The first step towards building a gym is to consider flooring options. Hardwood floors and carpet are useless against dropped weights and defenseless against any kind of wear that comes with gym equipment. Rubber floor rolls are the most common flooring for a gym because of their durability and impact absorption. The best home gyms or commercial gyms use rubber flooring! For home workout room flooring, rubber floors also offer easy DIY installation with nothing more than double sided tape.

One of the most popular rubber gym flooring rolls is Elephant Bark. This product is made of 100% recycled rubber tires to provide an eco-friendly surface. Able to resist most elements, rubber tires are extremely durable and shock absorbent so that they can survive thousands of miles on the road. When rubber tires are ground up into tire crumbs to create Elephant Bark, the rubber floor rolls inherit the ability to withstand weathering and to absorb substantial impacts, perfect for heavy weights and vibrating treadmills. Rubber floors are also anti-slip because rubber naturally provides great traction, reducing the likelihood of any injuries from falling. The softer flooring also protects you in case of an unlikely slip so that any risk of serious injury is even further diminished. All of our Elephant Bark is made in America to support our local businesses, as well as reduce waste in our country.

To further enhance the cost effectiveness of rubber flooring for a gym, Elephant Bark is an easy DIY home project. Without needing to search for and hire an installer, this project saves you time and money. Some of the best home gyms across the US use this product. This product has floored the sets of Biggest Loser, handful of shoes on the DIY channel, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and even been the floor chosen on Martha Stewarts Living Magazine. All that is necessary to custom fit your own home gym with rubber floors is double sided tape and a simple utility knife. Lay out the Elephant Bark onto the area desired and place double sided tape around the edges to secure the flooring. To custom fit the gym, just use a knife and straightedge to make sure you cut the flooring correctly. Elephant Bark can also come in custom lengths so that you save even more money by avoiding ordering an entire roll if that is excessive for the area. Rolls can be custom cut in continuous feet up until 50 feet.

Elephant Bark can be even more customized as it comes in three thicknesses and six colors. The three thicknesses are 5 millimeters, 1/4 inch, and 3/8 inch. For a home workout room, flooring should generally be on the thicker side to prevent any damage to the floor beneath it and to absorb any heavy equipment damage as effectively as possible. With the thicker floor absorbing impacts, your joints are better protected, as well as your equipment, from any painful and damaging impacts. The six colors include black, white dot, blue dot, blue steel, green dot, red dot, and candy corn. These six options are all speckled with the original colors from the tires used to create each individual roll.

Stay away from the uncomfortable, overcrowded gym with an isolated fitness room nirvana. Build yourself one of the best home gyms at a fraction of the cost of going to sweaty, crowded public gyms. Save money and time by starting with easy, DIY installation roll rubber matting. For durable, eco-friendly, and customizable home workout room flooring, rubber gym flooring rolls, such as Elephant Bark, are cost effective and perfect for any kind of workout. They protect your floors, your equipment, and even your joints from any sort of heavy or damaging impact. Deciding to build your own gym will be even easier than forcing yourself to actually get up and work out!