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“Revolutionize” Your Home with the Best Home Gym Flooring: Rubber!


Finally taking a stand against overcrowded gyms and expensive memberships? Great! Are you unsure of how to even build your own home gym? Don’t worry! Just remember to start from the ground up. To create the perfect fitness nirvana, you need the best home gym flooring: thick, black rubber flooring. Carpet can be easily damaged by heavy fitness equipment like treadmills and weights. Hardwood can be quickly scratched by the exercise machines. Concrete and ceramic surfacing can be obviously cracked or chipped and do not absorb the impact of machines or weights against the floor. Rubber is the only gym surfacing that is durable, easy to install, and impact protective. Revolution Rubber Flooring Tiles, in particular, also have the comfort level of the best anti-fatigue mats. A gym floor covering that can be stored away after each workout if desired, Revolution uses interlocking tiles that can be installed and disassembled within minutes. One of the most seamless rubber flooring options in the market, Revolution is a leading choice for a home gym mat,

Treadmills, bicycles, and ellipticals vibrate when in use, sending shock waves into the floor which is ricocheted back up to the machines. Over time, these waves damage the machines so that they need to be fixed or replaced. As a gym floor covering, Rubber absorbs the impact of your fitness equipment so that this damage is better prevented, unlike hardwood, ceramic, and concrete. At 5/8 inch thick, Revolution is one of the thickest mats offered to provide optimum impact protection for your machines and floors, even your joints are better protected when using these mats! This thickness also offers maximum comfort and relief for a long and exhausting work out. With a raised bottom, the air pockets underneath the mat allow for extra spring and superior relief from long hours of standing. With a thick rubber mat, the soft cushion helps prevent serious injury if you slip or fall. Naturally possessing a high coefficient of friction, rubber is an anti-slip surfacing that provides great traction to avoid accidental falls.

Rubber not only absorbs impact, but also withstands weathering and abrasive environments. Made from natural rubber and recycled rubber tires, this black rubber flooring inherits the properties designed to make rubber tires exceedingly durable. With the interlocking tiles, any eventual wear can be replaced by simply removing a tile and attaching a new tile in its place. Installation is completed in two easy steps. Just place the tiles so that the nodules match up with the grooves and press the tiles into place. To create an edge around your seamless rubber flooring, Revolution tiles also include ramps to avoid any trips over the edges. There are four different styles of ramps to enclose the workout area: male center ramps, female center ramps, male end ramps, and female end ramps. Male center ramps are ramps with nodules protruding so that they can lock into the corresponding female grooves of the tiles. Male end ramps merely go on either side of a male center ramp to create a corner for the area. Female center ramps have grooves on the bottoms so that they can attach to the male corresponding tiles. Female end ramps attach to either side of the female center ramps. Not every workout space will need center ramps as interlocking tiles create a customizable surface for your home gym. In 3 ft. by 3 ft. squares, these tiles can fit any space that you need. No extra adhesive is necessary to secure the tiles into place, which creates a hassle free installation each time you want to use them. To disassemble the tiles just separate the tiles by pulling the nodules out of the grooves and tuck them away. Easy as 1-2-3, right?

Revolution tiles are perfect for any home gym mat. Designed to handle gym equipment and weights, these rubber tiles are the best home gym flooring option! This seamless rubber flooring looks elegant and professional without the expensive price tag of hardwood floors or ceramic tiles. Durable, comfortable, and safe, Revolution rubber surfaces are truly revolutionary.