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Discover the Benefits of Rubber Flooring for a Basement

If you are a fortunate homeowner who not only chose a house with a nice yard, kitchen, and living area, but one with an added level beneath the ground, then you are certainly aware of all the potential that this room contains. For the musically inclined, it could transform into a private recording studio. For the health conscious family, it could be a home gym. And for the parents who would like to have some peace and quiet every once in a while, it could be a get-rid-of-my-kids room; which we have socially decided to call the “game room”, of course. With all joking aside, whatever renovation you wish to bestow upon your basement, the benefits of rubber flooring are endless. In particular, rubber matting rolls like Elephant Bark can offer you water resistant basement flooring, comfort, durability, DIY installation, and even visual appeal! Rubber flooring for basements is the practical solution for your cellar’s needs, and at a price that is sure to appeal to any homeowner, you will no longer have a reason not to begin your basement project.

Rubber-Cal’s Elephant Bark is arguably one of the most popular rubber flooring products available on the market, and it is no surprise because of all the great qualities that this product has to offer. In a basement setting, you want to have a material that will resist the damp environment that is quite common to these areas. Water resistant basement flooring is always the first concern for individuals looking to renovate this area of their house and investing in a flooring product like plush carpet would probably not be the best idea. It could eventually begin to harvest mold and mildew because of the moisture that will accumulate and your investment in this flooring will be a waste. However, rubber matting rolls like Elephant Bark have a natural barrier to water and other liquids which will help you manage the damp nature of your basement. When water begins to gather on the surface of your flooring you can proceed to dry it off before it causes any damage to the sub-surface or other areas. It is an easy and practical flooring option for your basement and will help relieve the headache of dealing with mold and mildew.

This rubber flooring for basements is not only the realistic choice for your renovation project, but it can also offer you artistic freedom in how you want to style the room. Although the base color of Elephant Bark is predominantly black, this product contains different color dots that are dispersed throughout the flooring material. Choosing from green dot, blue dot, white dot, red dot, blue steel, candy corn, and all black can add a unique mood to the room. Whether you are trying to convey a playful setting or a tranquil one, Elephant Bark’s abundance of colors offers you the choice of how you would like to decorate your new room; providing you with yet another benefit of rubber flooring!

The benefits don’t stop there though. Like many concerned basement owners, installation is always distressing when considering the budget that you have assigned to this project. Contracting a professional can sometimes cost more than the material that you bought to be installed and will take out a large chunk out of the money you allocated for this renovation. DIY installation is a motto here at Rubber-Cal, and the installation process for Elephant Bark is no exception. Coming in rolls of up to 50ft in length, you can easily purchase the amount of material that you will need to cover your basement flooring with our custom cut length option. When laying down the material merely apply adhesive to the bottom surface for permanent installation and use a blade and straight edge to remove any excess material that you do not need. It is a relatively quick process and will allow you to enjoy your new flooring in no time at all.

Once you have completed installing your rubber matting rolls you will be on your way to enjoying this durable and comfortable product! Not only will it be a fun project for the family, but you will be extending the living area of your house in the process. Rubber flooring for basements is the first step towards creating that extra room that you have always wanted, and with all the benefits of rubber flooring has to offer, Elephant Bark is the sure choice for any basement renovation!